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Turner Solar LLC

Project Details:

  • Summary

    Turner Solar is proposing to build a 20 megawatt solar facility in the Varina area of Henrico County.   The project is currently working through the local permit process.  As requested at the Community meeting on 10/4/16 the presentation given is available here.

    Project Details:

    • Location: Varina, VA
    • MW(AC): 20
    • Acreage: 250
    • Environmental
      • Home Equivalents: 3,400
      • Offset Nox (lbs): 32,500
      • Offset SoX (lbs): 51,000
      • Offset CO2 (lbs):43,326,000
    • Estimated Online Date: 2019

    Turner Solar is a 20 MW solar project under development in Henrico County.

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